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In this high-tech world of digital technology, children are inclining more towards mobiles, smart-phones and virtual devices to have ‘FUN’.  The question is, ‘Are they actually getting it in entirety?’

With an aim to reinstate the true quintessence of FUN, Balaji FunZone founded Neeno’s Land at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad to reinvigorate the health and spirits of children as well as adults. We work hard to sweat out the radiance of these young souls by engaging them in physical and mental activities so that they can pump out their laughter, shake their inhibitions, refresh their sense of befriending and become independent. We believe that children love companionship and it enables them to fly their tiny angelic wings together and play freely.

We have divided 5000 sq ft of Neeno’s Land into age-related zones i.e. Neeno’s Little Champs (1-4 years), Neeno’s Boxful of Surprises (5-10 years), Neeno’s Starwars Gaming Arcade (Above 10 years) and Neeno’s Interactive Tech Zone. Zones are equipped with toys, props and games that match their intellect and boost their energy in real fun ways. In addition, our experts plan brainstorming activities for the kids to creatively educate them and bring out their smartness.

We have a hygienically run cafeteria that serve nutria-licious snacks and beverages for you and your loved ones. We are also specialized in catering all kinds of parties at our Gala point and provide extended assistance to parents so that they can relish their party time with their friends and relatives. Neeno’s Land guarantees ‘FUN and only FUN’ in the most extraordinary ways possible!!Visit us to experience it.

For All Birthday Party

One Stop Destination

Are you looking for an ideal destination for celebrating Birthday Parties in Indirapuram? Are you unable to locate a place where your kids can ‘PLAY & PARTY’ at the same time? Then, you have landed at the right place. At Neeno’s Land, we turn your happy day into happiest and most memorable day. Unlimited fun at just one place!! Imagine the smile you will see on your little bundle of joy where he will see all his friends tingling with joy, excitement and amazing fun activities. We plan the party from the scratch based on your vital inputs and on the preferred theme.

Neeno's Land Team

Meet Our Team Member

Priyanka Pathak

Over 15 + years of experience in the early childhood education of working & establishing different brands, setting up premium playschools & daycare. Your strength, spiritual depth, and love for children make you a beacon of inspiration in the school industry. The impact you have is truly invaluable, enriching the entire school community. Her dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment to education have set a remarkable example for all. Her efforts are acknowledged through many awards.  Few to mention – awards like  Honor of Excellence for dedication & contributions in the field of education. This was In collaboration with Civil 20 under the G20 Presidency and the Government of India. She received International Educators Excellence Award 2023, at  Bangkok by UK Skills Ltd.  She recently received ‘India Inspirational Women’s Award 2024’.

Harshu Sethi

Harshu sethi epitomizes the power of a strong woman who believed in herself and endorsed her principals with pride. Her spiritual beliefs encouraged her to spread the goodness of education, love and happiness amongst young children. Her zeal to nurture beautiful minds led her to kick-start her journey 10 year ago in 2013 as a founder of a play school & day care. This evolution transitioned into a dream to achieve greater heights in the business world and to initiate reforms that can revolutionize the idea of schooling & kids funtime.

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